Oils for Stress

Over the years there have been many different oils which have claimed to be able to assist with stress but few of them actually worked with any great level of success. That thought has changed with the introduction of CBN Oil For Sleep as this assists with getting sleep and also actively works in reducing stress.

The success of this oil is due to the fact that its active ingredient is CBD or Cannabinol which is found in some of the cannabinoids produced in marijuana. Marijuana is not, of course, the proper name for the plant, nor is cannabis as to give it its proper name would be to call it hemp which has been proved to have been used as long as 4000 years ago for medicinal purposes. The Ancient Egyptians who used it, however, may have had to put up with the side effects hemp also provided, mainly in the form of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) which is also found in cannabinoids produced by the hemp plant.

What the difference is today is that today scientists have been able to identify the different types of cannabinoids and therefore segregate them, isolating the ones containing CBD for medical purposes and destroying the ones containing THC. This effectively provides an effective health benefit without any hazardous side-effects from the THC. What the scientists are working on next is developing a strain of hemp which contains none of the hazardous THC cannabinoids and so far they have managed to reduce the THC content in some strains.

People have tried to promote the use of hemp for all kinds of purposes for a long time but generally, they did not listen as it was thought they were just trying to get hemp legalized for recreational purposes but now their claims are being taken seriously and other beneficial uses for the plant are being sought. One use which is known for hemp is to use its pulp for the making of many paper products, reducing the amount of paper needed which would lead to less deforestation. This could be an additional health benefit but this time not for humans but for our planet.

The uses for hemp are literally almost limitless as it can be used to make oil for automobiles, which was demonstrated when the first Ford car ever made, was designed to run exclusively on hemp oil. Car engines would only need slight modifications to also be able to run on hemp oil but the number of cars on the roads today it would be impossible for hemp to make any significant difference. Apart from replacing paper though, hemp can also be used in the garment industry and so there would be little chance of any hemp plants, or in fact any part of the hemp plant, being wasted regardless of how much of it was grown which could be a very significant amount considering that it is fast growing enabling it to be harvested twice e a year.